101 Data

Product Overview

Business lists can play a crucial role in empowering small businesses to discover and connect with potential leads, enabling them to conduct targeted marketing efforts independently.

A well researched list tailored to their specific industry or customer base, small businesses can gain a strategic advantage in identifying and reaching out to potential customers.

This is why we started building 101 Data. We ourselves use the broker to find potential leads for a non-profit, but our ideal users are:

For smaller, often single-owner businesses, these lists serve as valuable resources, facilitating personalized and effective marketing campaigns. Small businesses can leverage business lists to initiate outreach, showcase their products or services, and establish meaningful connections with a precisely identified audience.

This targeted approach not only enhances the efficiency of marketing efforts but also allows businesses to optimize their resources by focusing on prospects most likely to convert.

In essence, business lists serve as a foundational tool for small businesses, providing them with the autonomy to drive their marketing initiatives, expand their customer base, and foster sustainable growth.

How to use 101 Data to find leads

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101 Data Search

Once signed up (it’s free!) and logged in, you can click on Search Leads to start building business lists.

Depending on the type of business you are targeting, type in the right keyword to search for. If say you are a web designer specialized in doctors offices etc, then type in medical offices and then the area to look in.

The API’s we use such as Google Maps and Places return about 60 records, so it’s best to search on smaller areas. You can use the radius to adjust the range to take into account.

As an example, our web designer could look for medical providers around Los Angeles and stick to the default range of 50 miles.


The below samples shows hundreds and thousands of records pulled in one go.

records pulled

101 Data will retrieve all good business records, with the following fields available:

TitleName of the business
PhonePhone nr as found on website
EmailEmail as found on website or enriched by 101 Data API''sEnriching is only available in premium plans
AddressAddress of the business
WebsiteBusiness website
Google LinkLink to Google business listing
Social Mediafacebook, X, Instagram and LinkedIn profiles if available
ReviewsLast 5 reviews
Avg. RatingGoogle Reviews Rating
AI OutreachGenerate outreach email with AIOnly available in premium plans

About 20 to 30% of returned records will have emails. In the premium version, users can select any record to enrich, after which 101 Data will use several API’s to find one or more email addresses for the business. There is still a chance no emails can be found.


There’s two ways to engage with the generated business lists. They can simply be exported to be used in an email campaign, or, 101 Data can generate and send the email for you. To do the latter, simply click the AI Outreach button and based on your Campaign, a solid email will be generated. Always review the email before clicking send.

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