101 Data

Frequently Asked Questions

Wait. What is 101 Data?

101 Data's goal is to let anyone generate their own lists of business to reach out to. The free version pulls information that is publicly available via services such as Google Places. The premium version uses several enrichment API's to get many more emails per business. It also applies Gen-AI features to auto-generate the right emails based on campaign settings.

How many records can you get me?

With each 'pull' you will get up to 60 records. There is no limit to how many times you can pull a list.

Why do I not get all emails?

In the free version, we retrieve what we can find on the website, Google Maps, Places etc... In other words, info that is publicly available. In the premium version, we allow users to enrich the record with email info retrieved from several API's. Because these are paid API"s we need to charge for this feature.

How does the premium version work?

For the premium version we use several API's to scrape emails for the business you want to reach out to. We let you do this per business as it is more cost effective.

How does the Gen-Ai feature work?

You will first be asked to set up a campaign. This is the set up needed to generate the emails. The campaign contains context such as reasons for outreach, type of business (yours), name of sender etc... This input is used to feed our LLM, which is trained to generate the best cold outreach email. You will be able to edit the email before sending.

Can my team use it?

Of course, reach out for any team licenses and yearly plan discounts.