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Supercharge your Lead Generation.

Business Lists at the push of a Button

101 Data let's you pull business lists, fast and easy, with unlimitted locations and use.

Endless Marketing Opportunities


Spending hours scraping lists together manually? We do the work for you for any keyword and any location.


We ethically source public info in a convenient way for you to use. Emails, phone numbers, addresses and social media links.


In the premium version, we auto-generate the outreach email for you, using our own trained AI model.

Get data instantly.

101 Data in Action

What data can 101 data get me?


We specialize in data is is publicly available but hard to scrape together. If there is a business with online presence we can get you the same info you would find on google maps (address, phone numbers, social info, email address) but instantly ready as a list and easy to pull.

You can pull thousands of business records in one go!

The premium version of the broker enriches each record with email addresses (pulled from several api’s), social media links including instagram, x, youtube and LinkedIn.



101 Data is Free to use. Seriously, you will never have to pay for access.


Unlimited Records + AI

All the basic stuff + unlimited records and full enrichments and the ability to auto generate the right reach-out emails with our AI engine.



101 data for teams.
Reach out to us with your custom requirements.

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