101 Data


This blog has two parts to it. We’ll post about outreach, cold emails and building target lists. But it also will be the story of how 101 Data is being built, with ups and downs. 

For the first part we’ll go a bit deeper on how any organization can use business lists to drive more business themselves. Each type of organization is different so we’ll dedicate a blog to each type. We’ll talk about all aspects of outreach from generating your own lists to setting up campaigns and everything in between.

The 101 Data posts will cover everything on how we started the broker, how we are building the app and site and how we connect with our users and customers, which brings us full circle: how we reach out to you.

data vendor vs business lists

Data Vendors vs Business Lists

Defining Data Vendors Data vendors are pivotal entities in the realm of business intelligence, offering a wealth of information that powers marketing strategies and decision-making

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